Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy H2

A highly effective treatment for symptoms of traumatic stress in children and youth. Signs of traumatic stress that caregivers may observe include: crying, appearing sad, anxious or angry, nightmares or difficulties sleeping, trouble concentrating, changes in school performance, a return to earlier developmental stages such as bedwetting or using baby talk, repeatedly talking about or playing out the traumatic events, or changes in behavior or personality.

TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment that is backed by scientific studies that document its effectiveness in helping children and families recover from the negative effects of traumatic experiences. Family functioning is also improved because TF-CBT encourages the caregiver to be the primary agent of change for the traumatized child.

TF-CBT has been successfully adapted to address the unique needs of several special populations including children as young as three and individuals with a hearing loss.

Play Therapy H3

A child-sensitive, developmentally appropriate mental health intervention that helps children heal from traumatic wounding as well as teaching problem-solving skills and how to self-regulate. We believe that play is the primary way that children learn about their world, communicate thoughts and feelings and attempt to work through difficult situations.

We are trained in both non-directive and directive play therapy. In non-directive play therapy, we allow the child to lead the play, trusting that the child’s issues will naturally arise in their play. We are trained to interpret the meaning of children’s play and discuss with parents what is at the root of their child’s behavior.