Get Started

Ok, I’m interested in your services.  Now how do I get started?

Give us a call at 651-484-4184 and we will set up an initial interview.  We will use this time to discuss the difficulties your child is experiencing and to get some family background.  We will also use some time to talk about what therapy would look like for your child and to discuss the desired goals and outcomes. We will give you a chance to see the play therapy room and answer any questions you may have.

How do I know if my insurance company will pay for your services?

Please check your individual policy to determine what benefits and reimbursements are available through your insurance plan. Please call your insurance company’s member services and ask:

  • What are my “outpatient mental health benefits?”
  • Do I need a “pre-authorization” to begin therapy services?
  • Is the therapist or counseling center “in network?”
  • If not, what are my “out of network” benefits?

What do I tell my child about coming to therapy?

We encourage parents to make play therapy as positive an experience as possible.  Parents can say, “You know how things have felt really hard for you recently?  I know someone who helps children with their really big feelings.  She plays with children in a special play room.  Let’s see if this can help you.”  For older children and teenagers, we will meet with you and your child together to explain what we will be doing together.